Planner Wish List


Confession: my planner wish list is about a mile long– when you’re as much of a planner geek as I am, it’s kind of unavoidable that you’re going to want all of the amazing planner accessories that you can find. My Etsy favorites list goes on for days, and my Amazon wish list is full of Kate Spade & stationery goodies that I can’t afford to buy (yet.)

That’s the great thing about wish lists, though– I get to bookmark a place for all of these gorgeous accessories and make a mental note saying, “I’ll be back for you later..” I’ve gathered up a list of my most pined-after accessories, the ones that if I had space in my budget would be mine, like, yesterday.


WIsh List 4

  1. This beautiful pastel set of personal planners by PapergeekCo on Etsy has a permanent place on my wish list until I own all of them– and I think I’ll be starting with the pink planner.Wish List 7
  2. It’s like if you give a mouse a cookie— if you give a planner girl a new planner, obviously she’ll need cute charms to go with it– and it doesn’t get cuter than these polymer clay charms by Pixel Pearls on Etsy. (Side note, I follow her on instagram too, and her feed is absolutely lovely!)Wish List 5
  3. I’ve been dying– dying— over this new mint Webster’s Pages personal planner from their Spring collection ever since the first moment that I saw it a few months ago. It’s available on Etsy, and I’ve had to stop myself at least three times now from ordering it– I need to wait until the bills are paid, and then maybe.Wsh List 2
  4. These bow sets are probably something that I could try to make myself, but I doubt mine would be anywhere near as cute as this pastel collection from PeoniesPaperie on Etsy.Wish List 3
  5. This pen set from PapergeekCo is adorable, and my resolve has been weakening lately since they were recently on sale! Planner gods, why must you tempt me this way?? 


  6. MochiThings makes the most amazing planner pouches, and I have been pining over their pink Pour Vous Multi Pouch since I saw it on Pinterest several month ago. The price tag is a bit steep, or else I would already own it!Wish List 1
  7. This handmade fabric midori cover by MellonJournal on Etsy is so elegant and perfect– and also already sold. That’s the one downside to wish lists: if you don’t buy it, someone else probably will.Wish List 6
  8. This pouch & pen set by kikki.K are part of their Vanskap collection, and as a raving cat lady I could not possibly be more excited. ❤️

So did anything on my planner wish list end up on yours? If so, you can keep track of all your planner accessory wants with the free printable I’ve made for you today. You can download your copy of my wish list printable here.

If you use my printables, I’d love to see them in action! You can tag me on Instagram (@adoreplannerco) or on Twitter, or share the love on Pinterest!

Wish List Printable

What are some of the planner accessories on your wish list? Share them below in the comments or chat with me on Twitter (@adoreplannerco)! 


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This post was originally published on my first blog, For the Love of Planners.


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