Planning that’s practical & pretty.

My blog was formerly titled For the Love of Planners, and now is simply known as Adore Planner Co. I’ve thought a lot about blogging before beginning this journey, and I’ve tried to put my finger on exactly what it is that I aim to offer to readers through my blog. Obviously, I’m a planner girl with an intense love for all things planner-related, but when I dug a bit deeper, it really goes beyond just the planners and accessories (although those are always fun!)

When I thought about it, my blog’s purpose isn’t just to showcase the cute accessories that come with planning, it’s really to enjoy and celebrate the process of planning itself. I want to share all I’ve learned about organization, building habits, and managing the details of day to day life through the help of planning, and I want to offer my own insight, in addition to the many resources that have helped me along the way.

Adore Planner Co. is centered around the ideas of growth, organization, and self-improvement through planning. I’ll be sharing my planners and planning strategies, as well as offering guides and resources to help you on your planning journey. I hope that you’ll leave my blog feeling inspired and encouraged to begin (or stick with!) your own healthy habits & planning.